April 14, 2011


Recently, I've discovered how much a pretty headboard can add to a bedroom. So I thought I'd share some of the ones I've found and really like.

Below: I'm not so sure I like the color as much as the structure of this one...
bed eclectic bedroom

I love the curves and lines on this one! Plus white goes well with my current color scheme
French Larkspur eclectic bedroom

Isn't this turquoise one good looking?
folding screen headboard | Flickr - Photo Sharing! eclectic bedroom

This one is another favorite
Light Turquoise Bedroom eclectic bedroom

This is a cool one--except I'm not a fan of the mustard-y color.
Screen+shot+2009-12-25+at+6.39.47+PM.png (image) eclectic bedroom

Chalk is an awesome idea but add onto that a silhouette? That's a bit too neat for me. Have you noticed how many adjectives I've been trying to add in my post?
headboard eclectic bedroom

I feel like I should be Emeril Lagasse and say "BAM!" for this one
headboard modern bedroom

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