April 23, 2011

i told you so!

So I wrote earlier about posting some of my not-so-artsy artwork from my class. So...here it is. In all of it's not-so-fine glory.

First up: Charcoal Still Life. I had never tried using charcoal before and have discovered just how much I LOVE it. It's kind of relaxing.

Here's another still life with random containers around the house. I think I might like to draw containers...and oddly enough I like shopping for them as well.

I don't really like the yellow-orange color I chose for the first K but it's obviously a little too late to change it!

I really liked this one. And did you notice all the different patterns? Yep, I told you. Patterns are EVERYWHERE. ;)

Another still life. Except this one is in pencil. Who doesn't love a fruit bowl with grapes?

So I told you. I am NOT an artist. And please, don't tell me I am.

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