April 23, 2011

love/hate relationship.

So, I'm a little squirmy around a few things. Like worms and slugs on the sidewalk after a rainy day. Although that's mostly because I worry about stepping on them. Don't ask. I'm also a little squirmy around amphibians. And big bugs.

But onto the post. Our family has a tank full of fish my sister won awhile back from a ping-pong ball toss game (and no, it did not involve red plastic cups). And while we've lost one of the three she won, two still remain. And I was never a fan of them. I like my pets to have fur. And I like to be able to interact with them. Now, I am by no means a fish-hater. Fishing and pet fish run in my family. They're just not for me.

Of course, my sister's fish (named Allie and Bessie) are actually quite easy to take photos of with my DSLR. And for a true beginner--I've taken photography classes before but I used film cameras and the class focused on developing/enlarging film for the most part--that must say something. I just set my camera on "No Flash" mode (not even macro) and shoot away. Here's some evidence:

Okay, so maybe they're not soooo bad. But that doesn't mean I want one for my birthday.

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