April 20, 2011

patterns, patterns, everywhere!

So I'm currently taking this art class designed for students who want to become  teachers. And I've been creating my own lesson plans and patterns is a theme I've been thinking about using. Someday I'll post some of my attempts at artwork. Although, that might be a little embarrassing. Anyway, more about patterns. Besides my love for chevron stripes, I think there are some cool wallpapers and stencils out there. Here are some that I've come across.

 Below: I love this bold bold bold door!

The Front Door eclectic entry
Did I mention I like grey? And flowers? Well, I do.
lace stenciled floor

It wasn't until this year that I've started to enjoy the color yellow. Here's one reason why:
moroccan tile stencil floor

I couldn't have a post about patterns without chevron stripes!
chevron floor

So cute for a kid's room!
Free Stencil Download on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

If only my walls weren't textured...

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