May 25, 2011

classroom ticks.

I'm not even a teacher yet and I get annoyed by little things that happen during class. I guess I'm big into manners and respect. And there are some things people do during lectures that drive me nuts and make me wonder who are these peoples' parents?

It doesn't matter if it is a 300 student class or a 30 student class. Texting during class is impolite. It also doesn't matter if the professor is super boring. We've all had those classes but they are survive-able. Sure, there are times of emergency (i.e. if dad's in surgery or sister's in labor) that require a phone call or text. But these things don't happen very often and they don't require texting each class day. And now I'm going to sound like a professor, but I think EVERYONE can live without texting for an hour or so while they learn something in class. I mean, why even bother coming to class when you're going to spend it texting? I guess I get annoyed mostly because college costs money and if your parents are helping you pay and especially if you're paying yourself, get the most of your money and pay attention.

Again, I understand people get sick, have appointments, and family emergencies but at least make an effort to come to class. It's really sad (yet at times, amusing) to see how full lecture halls get on test days. And when I mentioned stay in class, please STAY in class if you come. There's nothing polite about coming for a five point quiz, sitting in the front row, then loudly leaving as soon as the quiz is over. Be respectful and considerate of the peers who stay and class and professors/instructors who take time to prepare to teach you something.

There's nothing more distracting than the sound of so-called whispering during class. It's noisy and prevents everyone sitting in the rows around you from hearing what the professor says. So if you come to class, I guess I should add that you should come to learn. Not chat. You can catch up with friends through Facebook. Which I know people check during class.

So this one doesn't really happen during class as much as it happens the days (I repeat DAYS) before a midterm exam. There's nothing less impersonal (or more annoying) than a massive e-mail sent to 400 students saying that you need notes for a lecture from seven weeks ago. Personally, I don't respond to them (and most people won't because of diffusion of responsibility). I am, however, much more likely to respond if asked in person and asked ahead of time or right after that class.

So this is not an annoying tick. But I wanted to leave this on a positive note. And more importantly, I wanted to give a shout-out to any and every teacher, instructor, TA, and/or professor who creates exam questions that refer to things that are covered ONLY in class. It makes coming to class more rewarding. Plus, teachers know who comes to class and who doesn't (I've had professors who have said this before)--so if you want to be on their good side, then come to class and AT LEAST act like you want to be there. Because they wouldn't have studied to become a professor if they didn't want to teach you something.

Do I sound like an old cranky lady? Yes, I do. And yes, there are exceptions to all of these. But usually when people do these things they don't have a valid excuse for doing so. I guess I'm mostly writing this because it happens all to often and is disrespectful. So please, think twice before you text, whisper, and/or leave during class.

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