May 4, 2011

gum be gone!

Yesterday I somehow managed to get gum on the seat of my jeans (the new dark wash ones, of course) and on the front passenger seat of my mom's car. Yeah, don't ask how it happened; it requires talent. And of course, it's the perfect Mother's Day present. Creative, right? Fortunately, I managed to get most of the blue sticky mess out while my mom was driving but couldn't get it all out.

On a side note, I noticed this sticky mess while shopping at Staples. Classy, eh?

Anyway, after getting home and changing out of my pants, I Googled ways to get it all out. And even managed to see someone's video on it and decided to try the ol' ice cube trick. The video also said to use a dull knife. So I got ice cubes and butter knife and went at it. My mom had forewarned me that this trick never worked for her in the I admit, I had my doubts.

Maybe it was Law and Order: SVU that was on (I didn't really watch it, but it was good background noise) but it WORKED! On both the jeans and the car seat. I just put the ice cube directly on the gum-ridden spots and when it was cold/frozen I used the knife to gently scrape it off. There are a few bluish spots on the thread of my back pocket on the jeans, but it's hardly noticeable. And when I checked the car this morning? No evidence. Hooray for that. And for understanding moms.

If only I was smart enough to document my gum disaster for evidence...

Next time, I promise. Or do I really want this to happen to me again?

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