May 7, 2011

podcast love.

I'm sitting here with my iPod and am contemplating leaving this post as is for the night and coming back to it tomorrow just so I can listen to another podcast. Is that weird? Don't answer that. Anyway, over the past couple years, I've started to enjoy podcasts. Yeah, I'm a little behind on this probably dying-out trend but who cares? (Okay, I do. Nevermind). Anyway, why do I like them? They're free. Some of them are super funny. And did I mention they're free? My very favorite-est is probably "Stuff Your Mom Never Told You" by Cristen and Molly are probably the funniest podcast duo ever. Plus, they talk about some pretty interesting things. What's on my iPod right now, you ask? Well, to name a few (most of the memory space is dedicated to free Office episodes and podcasts, btw), I have "Decoding the Mystery on Female Spys" (I know, they had a typo. But I forgive them), "Does it cost more to be a Woman?" and "Are Disney Princesses Good Role Models?" These girls research topics like these and add in their humor and chatty selves which makes it for an entertaining listen. Yeah. You should check it out. Just saying.

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