May 18, 2011

what i've been watching wednesday. an attempt to make myself more interesting, I've decided to try to do a weekly blog posting about tv shows and/or movies I watch. Didn't expect that from me, eh? Anyway, here goes edition one.

I think everyone knows who I'm quoting. And no, a cheap-college girl like me is not taking my blog readers (even if I have like, no followers) to Australia. But seriously, Oprah's last show is coming up. I don't even really watch her show. I mean, I've seen a show here and there, but mostly the ones where she follows interesting people/stories. One of the episodes that sticks out the most for me was about children with schizophrenia. Or the episode about a grandmother carrying her daughter's baby to term. It's always cool to see stories on everyday people like that. But more on Oprah herself. I think she's an inspirational person and boy, is she rich! But seriously, I applaud her work and achievements. Although I can't say I'll have Empty Oprah Syndrome when her series final approaches...


For those of us who watch NCIS, yesterday's season finale ended in (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!) the death of the port-to-port killer. Can I just say I've seen the actor who plays Cobb in like a billion other things (like my dad was watching Flashpoint last Friday and there he was. And to prove my point even further, I then saw him that same night on a Hallmark movie...he must be a rising tv star or something). Anyway, I think more importantly, Special Agent EJ Barrett left. Okay, so not to be a hater, but the addition of new special agents to NCIS wasn't really my favorite-est thing ever. I guess I'm not a fan of change when it comes to tv shows. I also think it was super cute to see McGee and Abby. Am I the only one who wants to see them together someday?

It's Wednesday! Do you know what that means? Criminal Minds, of course! So I'll admit from the start, ever since Reid (aka Matthew Gray Gubler) got a haircut, he's upped his rank on my cute guy list. I mean, I think he's kinda cute. Anyway, I'm excited about a new Criminal Minds episode. Especially after seeing the preview for it yesterday! Hopefully it satisfies all this hype I've written about it...

And also...Wednesday for my family means watching Hawaii Five-0 OnDemand. And yes, it is another season finale. I have no idea what the episode is about. Probably another "we're gonna break up the team" episode. But I'm okay with that because I love the brother-like relationship between Danny and McGarrett. They're hilarious together.

For those of you reading this, you're probably thinking I'm a tv junkie. And I guess I am. I don't ever remember being a bit tv junkie until college. In all honesty, I think I had more homework in high school that I do in college and I'm not so sure that's a good thing for me...

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