May 25, 2011

what i've been watching wednesday: bones + freedom writers.

And I'm back with another edition of "What I've been watching Wednesday!"

Could you tell I was trying to say that in my best announcer voice? Okay, don't answer that. Let's move on, shall we?

This week's theme is all about going old. Not that old. Maybe 5-8 years ago? Anyway, here's what I've been watching this past week-ish:

Freedom Writers. An oldie, but a goody in my book. It definitely tops my favorite movies list. This movie is great in so many ways. First, it's based on a true story. You can't say that with too many movies these days. Plus, it's about education, minorities and educational inequality, and disadvantaged kids. Sounds a bit depressing, eh? Maybe at first; but what kind of movie would it be if all was good? I love Erin Gruwell's dedication for her students. Her passion is so inspiring to me. I also love that she taught what her students could relate to. She also gave them the opportunities that kids like me took for granted (i.e. class sets of books, field trips, guest speakers). If you're wondering why I watched this, it was for a paper. I had to find a movie that fit the class structure/curriculum and this one fits perfectly.

You're probably thinking I've been watching Disney Channel or something. But that's actually not at all what I've been watching. So my mom and I are trying to find a new tv series to watch this summer. In the past, we've watched/caught up on Alias, NCIS, and Fringe. And when scanning through DVDs at the library, we came across Bones. So do I like it? It's okay. It's kind of growing on me. The characters are slowly developing and I like it when Booth and Bones argue. Especially in their "realistic" car rides in season one. I do wish the episode titles had a little more oomph in them though. And has anyone else noticed Bones' massive collection of chunky necklaces? My mom and I think it has to do with her forensic anthropology background. And for some reason Booth reminds me of Joel (Sam Jaeger) from Parenthood. I also think it's crazy how similar Emily and Zooey are. I know they're sisters, but I see so many similarities between the two. I guess it's weird because I don't see many similarities between my sisters and I. Anyway, to connect this with Hannah Montana. Has anyone seen the Bone dance she does to study for a test? Well, for some reason, Bones reminds me of her bone dance. Watch it here for a refresher.

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