June 14, 2011

old but good.

I made this garland for my mom on Mother's Day (aka last month) and never took the time to take photos and document my craftiness (more like lack of). So since it's still hanging over the fireplace, I decided to snap a few photos and post about it now. A month later.

The garland itself didn't take very long. It actually took me the longest to decide which butterfly cutouts to use (color, pattern, etc.). only because I'm so indecisive.

Anyway, first, I gathered random scraps of springy-looking scrapbook paper from the family paper drawer (a drawer full of old construction paper and scrapbook paper from various school projects).

Next, I grabbed my Martha Stewart paper punches. I got a butterfly and flower punch from Michael's as gifts and haven't used them very much yet. I went with the butterfly punch because it is a little bit bigger, making it easier to distinguish from far away.

Finally, I grabbed some white thread from the sewing desk and started punching.

I made at least two copies of each punch so I could have a double sided garland. I could've done it one sided but I think it looks prettier with the thread sandwiched instead of showing.

When I was done punching, I grabbed the thread (warning this is kind of unconventional) and used the pushpins (already stuck in the mantel) and wrapped the thread around. Other people probably have better ways of hanging/securing garlands, I just did what was easiest.

Then I grabbed double-stick tape (my best friend for paper projects) and started taping the sandwiching the thread between two butterflies. If you have butterflies or other punches that look best one direction (I didn't want a garland of upside down butterflies), then you want to make sure the butterflies are taped such that the center of balance isn't all wonky.

As for spacing the butterflies, I didn't use any measurements. I mostly just eye-balled spacing that looked nice. Obviously if you follow my terrible directions, you'll use a different amount of punches based on the spacing and length of thread you use. I think I ended up with 12 or so butterflies on the garland (so about 24 butterflies total to make it double-sided).

I wish I was smart enough to have documented the punching process. Although photos would not have done justice seeing as my paper punch is rather loud...

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