June 12, 2011

weekend recap.

Now that my weekends are finally study-free (for a few months at least) I've had more time for baking, photo-taking, bike riding, blog reading, and Pinterest pinning.

So because you're all SO interested in my rather boring life, here's what I did:

1. Took photos.

2. Baked cookies--thanks Smitten Kitchen!

3. Read blogs. You can see some of the ones I read here.

4. Slept in (I told you my life is boring!).

5. Taught the story of baby Moses to a class of preschoolers.

6. Went for a bike ride.

7. Made bagels. And then ate bagels. Not all of them. That would be carb overload. 

8. Walked the dog with my mom. After it rained. It was slug-fest. Yucky blucky.

9. Anxiously awaited final grades to be posted online. Still waiting.

10. And I blogged about it all. Jealous of my exciting life, right?

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