June 20, 2011

weekend recap.

What did I do this weekend?

Thanks for asking.

1. Hmm...first off, I met up with the extended family for dinner. And we ate some yummy food.

2. Then I read.

3. I also got a tattoo. Okay, I'm kidding. It was only TEMPORARY. And it's already washed off. So I guess there's not even proof I had it.

4. It's graduation season! And my little sister graduated. Hooray!

5. Ate WAY WAY WAY too many desserts. Old fashioned glazed donuts, cheesecake, chocolate cake, and berry shortcake. No, not all at once. Yes, I enjoy celebrations. Just a little.

6. And I took some pictures of some pretty peonies at my grandparents' house.

Who's excited for Monday?

Yeah. Didn't think so.

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