June 22, 2011

weekend recap.

I fooled you!

Yep, I was on vacation last week. Road tripping to California to be exact.

And boy was it HOT! But I guess that's what summer is really like, huh?

So here's the scoop on what I did:

1. When it's hot outside, I highly suggest getting yourself some soft serve ice cream (kid's cone is the perfect size) at Dairy Queen. It's scrumptious. And to make yourself feel better, you can let the dog have the last bite. I think Bubba looks forward to it more than me.

2. We (as in the family and I) drove by Mt. Shasta. And it was a surprisingly clear day (thus HOT) for photo-taking!

3. I took lots and lots of photos in my grandpa's garden. He's an amazing gardener.

4. We also ate some of this pretty fruit tart from Whole Foods.

5. We also went to the wonderful land of IKEA. Maybe I'll do a post on what I got in California someday...

6. I always love sunsets (despite the fact that I consider myself a morning person, I'm never awake for sunrises) so I had to take a photo of this one while driving to the hotel. Please ignore the icky bug splats.

7. We also stopped at this little town in Northern California and dipped our feet in this rather raging river. I don't think my photo serves any justice. Neither does my alliterating description.

We didn't really do these things in  the order I wrote them, it's just how it ended up (based on my memory). And the more I think about it, the weirder I think it is that I remembered ice cream from a fast food chain first...

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