June 1, 2011

what i've been watching wednesday: inception, unstoppable, and mr. holland's opus.

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! Mine was filled with movie nights with the fam. In fact, I think I'll spend the entire post talking writing about them. So here goes!

Yeah, You know what I'm talking about. It only took me months to see Inception for the first time. Ever. It wasn't too bad of a movie either. And now my dad likes to use the whole "what level are we on?" line as a joke....Anyway, the movie was definitely a thinker! I have no idea how someone could come up with this kind of storyline. The special effects were pretty good. And the whole kick thing is kind of weird because I have those sometimes. And it's always when I'm about to fall asleep. And it definitely wakes me up. On another note, seeing Ellen Page in movie besides Juno was a little weird for me. I guess every time I see her I instantly picture the hamburger phone...

Unstoppable was by far my most favorite movie from this weekend's movie nights. I'm the kind of girl who likes action in her movies. And trust me, there was PLENTY of that in this movie. It was also one of first movies I've seen with Denzel Washington (Gasp. I know). And I must say, he's a pretty darn good actor. I liked the short yet fulfilling story line as well. And there wasn't too a lot of added fluff in the movie either (i.e. bed scenes and unnecessary flashbacks). Do I sound too much like a guy saying that I like action in a movie? Is that weird? Because as I type this, I'm starting to feel a little self-conscious.

This movie definitely does not fit with the rest of the movies we watched. My mom got Mr. Holland's Opus from the library after last season's Parenthood episode with Richard Dreyfuss. She kept talking about it and since I hadn't seen it, she found it for me. And a lot of the movie was quite relevant to me. I played in an orchestra throughout middle and high school, I want to be a teacher, and I would love to learn ASL (and have worked with kids with special needs before). So it was a definitely a good movie for aspiring teachers (especially music teachers). Plus at least part of it was filmed in the NW!

Anyone else have a movie weekend like me? What did you watch? Were you impressed?

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