June 8, 2011

what i've been watching wednesday: 24, the little couple, + secret life.

Now that finals are almost over (WAHOO! One more to go!) I can and hopefully will post more often. So here's to more posts. And here's to another edition of What I've been watching Wednesday!

Onto the continued search for summer tv series to watch, And we found yet another. Last week, I talked about Bones and this week, I'm going to talk about 24. My family and I just started watching it last week. And I like the action. And I like the whole CIA traitor thing. But I'm not so much of a fan that the whole season is only a DAY long. Which means that all 24 episodes are only an hour of the day (does that make sense?). It makes for a prolonged, slow season. And my family for some reason loves to shout out what the characters should be doing. But I have a feeling they make some not-so-brilliant decisions just to draw out the season...

I love Jen and Bill. And I love that they're back for the summer. For those of you not familiar with the show, TLC follows the married life of a doctor (Jen) and a businessman (Bill). They are fairly newlyweds and they are building a house, trying to have a baby, and are literally having a lot of fun in the process. I say a few moments of last night's episode and saw Bill trying on cowboy hats (they live in Texas). Anyway, my show description really does no justice because I can't really capture the Bill's humor in a short paragraph. So you should check it out anyway. It's on Tuesday nights on TLC.

...of the American teenager. Let me just say this now. There are really two reasons why I watch this show. 1. When the show first came out, I watched it because the producer (or creator, can't remember) is the same woman who produced 7th Heaven. And I watched every single episode back when it was on air. And it was literally my FAVORITE tv show for loonnngggesstt time. Ever. And 2. I started watching this show because I needed something to do during study breaks. And let me just say it now, there is a HUGE dose of high school drama in this tv series. For some reason the characters like to date one another (hook-up, break-up, hook-up). In all reality, you would think there were other suitable people at the school. And I have no idea if the characters will ever graduate and leave high school. I guess it's a little too fictional for it to be imitating reality, but that's okay. I'll watch it anyway.

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