June 15, 2011

what i've been watching wednesday: army wives + switched at birth.

With all of the shows ending for the summer, I'm really starting to hit a low in this whole tv watching department. As in, let's hope some good tv shows/movies come out so I actually have something to write about!

So I feel like I'm instantly aging myself into a stay at home mom (which I'm not) by saying I watch Army Wives. But I do, And it's mostly out of boredom, and partially because my mom watches it and I'll watch *almost* anything (just watch the language, blood/gore, and romantic scenes). Anyway, I haven't seen every episode (I really started watching two-ish seasons ago). So no, I'm not an expert. But I think the creators came up with an original idea having a tv show based on army wives. Is it realistic? I am NOT an judge on that. But I still watch it. And I still want to know what happens next season.

So this is one of ABC Family's new shows based on a story of two girls who were switched at birth. They come from two dramatically different backgrounds and experiences and now have to adjust to having two different families. Since the show just started, it's hard for me to judge how good it'll turn out to be. But I'll watch it anyway...just to find out.

Sorry I'm leaving it at only two shows. I have to make sure you have something to read next week, right?

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