June 29, 2011

what i've been watching wednesday.

Aaah! This was definitely a last minute post. For some reason, summertime = losing-track-of-the-date-during-the-week for me. And so I'm writing this at the last minute for all you hungry readers out there. Just kidding. I know there aren't many. But I oddly enough feel obligated to continue writing...

Anyway, here's a look into what I've been watching.

Yeah, so this is an odd one for me. I don't even watch Glee, and I'm sucked into this talent show of sorts. It reminds me of when High School Musical did their find the next star series for the second movie. Which was a total dud in my opinion because the guy who won didn't even make into the movie. I think he was only seen in the credits or something. Lame, right?

Anyway, here's the scoop. Basically the Glee Project is a talent-y show where young people across the country audition to try to win a guest spot on the hit series Glee (I think the winner stars on seven episodes or something). The contestants sing, dance (learn choreography to music videos), and act. Each week, they're given a theme or an aspect of what actors need to have on this show (i.e. individuality, vulnerability, attitude, etc.). Then they practice two group songs, perform in front of a Glee cast member (don't ask me who they are, I have no clue), perform a music video together, and the three in the lowest positions (at the end of the episode) sing solos for the callback. Each week, one member is sent home. Why do I like it/continue to watch it? Well, my sister watches it so I got sucked into it with her. And even though I don't watch Glee or sing well, I like music-related talent shows. And who am I rooting for? Not sure. It literally changes each week. I'm indecisive, remember?

I feel bad for only writing about one show. But there really aren't any new shows that I've been watching lately. Movies to come next week though!

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