June 15, 2011

why me?

Have you ever had a bad day and wondered why me? I'm guilty of doing this. But last night, I couldn't help but wonder why I often don't ask this question when good things happen to me. Why? Because I turn "why me?" into "lucky me."

For example, when reading my final grades online, I thanked God for all that he has blessed me with. I never asked myself "why me?" Not once. Why? I think it's because good things don't have bad connotations.

Of course, all this deep thinking got me to wondering why I even ask this question to begin with. I may not understand God's plans for me, but they're still there for a purpose. And while I regret the bad things I've done and wish some things didn't happen to me, it's shaped who I am today. And that's something I can be thankful for.

So I'm going to stop asking myself why me--whether good or bad--and remember that it's there for a reason.

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