July 26, 2011

cheap and easy diy frame. just how I like it.

I'm FINALLY trying to tackle some of my DIY projects for my room (hence the lack of lengthy posts...). Today, I've been trying to work on just filling frames for a wall gallery. On my most recent trip to California, I scored some white NYTTJA frames from IKEA. You can find them here and here.

Anyway, I filled those with some personal photos, sayings, and verses I created in Microsoft Word. I also decided to frame this cute Petit Collage print (on wood, which is way cool in my opinion) that my parents got for my birthday awhile back. I originally bought a larger frame since the print comes with a mat, but the mat didn't fit quite right. So I removed the mat, and placed just the print in a different frame I got from IKEA on a different trip.

So by now, you're probably trying to scroll down to my DIY project. Trust me, it's coming. Soon.

With a leftover white mat, I figured I could turn it into a FREE (yes, free!) frame to use in frame collection. I also had a leftover print that I made in Word of some song lyrics I like. The only problem? I couldn't figure out what to use as a plastic cover to protect my print from getting water-stained (I don't plan on this happening, but you never know who's going to spit on your frames next).

And so here's what I came up with as a FREE (or super super cheap) frame.

Simply use a scrapbook sheet protector (or whatever they're called) as a plastic covering. And if you decide to follow my instructions, you'll be able to place and replace images just like any other frame, too!

Want to know exactly how I did it?

Here's what you'll need:
  • Pair of scissors
  • 1 clear sheet protector (I got mine from Staples here)
  • Double-stick tape
  • Scotch tape (because it'll make exchanging photos/prints later)
  • 1 mat used for prints/photos

I do want to note that the sheet protectors (or at least the ones I have) are meant to hold regular 8 1/2 x 11" sheets of paper so your mat will need to be for that size image or smaller.

You also want to make sure your image is the same size that the mat is supposed to frame.

Here's how you do it:
1. Take the print or photo (whatever you'll end up framing) and slide it inside the sheet protector. Line up the bottom right corners of the print and sheet protector so they match up. Leave the image inside the protector. It should look something like this.

2. Cut a border (of about 1/2 inch) around the image.

3. Now, flip your mat so that the front faces the table. Then, placing the print facing down, take double-stick tape and tape down the edges of the protector onto the mat. Make sure that you do not seal off the open edges (made from cutting). This makes changing out images possible. You also want to make sure that taping is tight because loose plastic makes it look cheaper and shinier.

4. Then to prevent the print or photo you've selected from wiggling and becoming crooked, use a small piece of Scotch tape and tape the back of the print (in open-edged corner) to the sheet protector.

5. Ta-dah!  You have a cheap (although a bit shiny) framing system. I'm looking forward to the ability of changing images when I get bored. It makes being indecisive a wee bit easier.

Got any easy DIY projects up your sleeves? I've been in the DIY mood lately and in an effort to redo my room before summer ends!

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