July 28, 2011

chill summer.

Picnik collage

When people ask me what I'm up to this summer, I start off a little unsure of how to answer. To be totally honest, I'm doing absolutely nothing. At least in comparison to my friends who are going overseas, going to school, working, and the like.

But in my defense, I'm not totally unproductive either. I've been spending time working on/writing posts for this blog, teaching preschoolers on Sundays, tackling DIY projects, and helping my parents cross off things on their to-do lists (i.e. painting the fence, deck, kitchen, and bathroom). But I still have a hard time feeling comfortable using these things for answers. Plus, it makes it sound like I have to prove myself or something. Maybe it's because I don't know many bloggers my age. Maybe because I should be earning money for college. Maybe it's because I'm just self-conscious and over-think everything I do.

But then I think of what I could be doing instead. Like spending more of my money taking classes. Or holding a job I hate. And then it makes me a little bit more content with doing nothing. Because at least I wouldn't be driving my family crazy with complaints.

So what do I say? It pretty much depends on who's asking. Usually it ends up with "not much." Sometimes it ends up with "helping out my parents," other times it's just "relaxing."

And oddly enough--now that summer is halfway over--I'm okay with that.

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