July 21, 2011

this is why I'm weird.

Besides the few family members who read this blog, most people don't really know me. So I thought, why not write about some of the quirks about me? Just to weird you out. Just kidding. I'm not that weird. My family is.

1. I am a bit of a grammar-freak. I love writing and a high school English teacher even recommended I go into journalism. I also love reading (especially blogs!) but am easily put off by an excessive amount of typos and grammar mistakes.

Picnik collage

2. Speaking of writing, I dream of becoming an author someday. In fact, I have a few ideas going (saved in Word Documents on my laptop). But I lack the motivation and creativity to write longer than five or six pages per story (single-spaced). So I have a bunch of barely-started stories that I'd someday like to turn into books.

3. I don't drink coffee and rarely drink anything caffeinated. It's not that I'm against it, it's just that I don't like coffee (or warm beverages for the matter).

4. I am really big into reciprocation. As in, I feel bad if I forget to ask someone back how they're doing.

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5. I would rather share my deepest darkest secrets via writing than speech. This goes for even the people I'm closest to. I'm just not very comfortable talking in front of large groups of people. For those of you wondering how I'll ever accomplish teaching, well I'm much better at being goofy and speaking in front of kids than my peers and adults.

6. I've never been stung by a bee.

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7. I love photography but know close to NOTHING about it. Oddly enough, I took two photography classes in high school (with old Pentax 35mm film cameras) but never could remember what things like aperture meant. I just recently (as in earlier this month) read this AMAZING (as in A-MAZING!) beginner's tutorial on DSLR's and getting oneself into manual mode. Kevin and Amanda are downright easy-to-read writers and didn't get all technical on me. Which is good. You can read the tutorial here.

8. I'm afraid of heights. And fire. And blood and gore. And somewhat afraid of the dark when I'm outside (especially by myself). I blame the last fear from my crazy imagination and from watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds. But that doesn't mean I won't stop watching.

9. I am natural worry-wart. I tend to over-analyze myself and worry a lot. Especially about the future. Fortunately, I've got God to give all my worries to!

10. I played in an orchestra during middle and high school. But I'll save all that for another post.

11. I tend to be easily annoyed by repetition. I don't really like repeated conversations. I don't like it when people sitting behind me jiggle my seat with their feet. When I was in orchestra, I hated repeats in music.

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12. I'm a big planner. I have baby names picked out, Pinterest pins of pretty interior design ideas (you can see all my boards here), and tons of classroom projects/lessons stored in some binders.

13. I cannot wait to begin work in the real world. I don't know what my real world job will be, but I'm ready to begin!

Would you like to make me feel less weird and tell me that something on here sounds at least a little bit familiar to you?


  1. Kiki, you are the cutest!

    I came from 10 on 10 and snooped around for a bit :) I was lured in by Target, berries, grammar, IKEA, and your testimony for Christ. I think we could get along!

    When I drink milk, I have to chug it. And I can't stop until I've chugged at least half the glass in one breath. I love it cold, cold, cold :)

    We homeschool, and so far we've gotten as far as 6th grade. Of all the grades, though, preschool-1st are my favorites :)

    I only like Thai food if they go EASY on the fish oil. Otherwise, not into it.

    Avocados are one of my top 5 favorite foods.


    1. I loved reading this! And I think we definitely DO get along.

      And I'm so glad someone else understands my need to have cold, cold, cold drinks. That's the only way I drink my water and milk, too!

      And we also share a love for teaching younger kids. There's something about those years that really is so much fun!

      And I totally agree with you on the fish oil thing. Fish oil can be overwhelming in large quantities!

      Avocados are yummy! I love them in my sushi. :)

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I'll definitely be stopping by your blog again soon!


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