July 5, 2011

weekend recap.

Summer seems to be picking up its pace again. As in, time is literally flying out the window and into the warm summer air.

Okay, enough of the poetic lines. Here's what I did this lovely weekend:

1. Went to the beach with the family and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also found this shell that I have deemed the ruffle shell. I think you can see why. Who knew interior design can be found on the beach?

2. Ate some of this humongous slice of margherita pizza at a little bakery. Fresh tomato, basil, cheese, and olive oil on a thin, crispy (yet just the right amount of doughiness) crust. Yum.

3. Watched a bunch of fireworks. I also discovered that anything that contains whistling, roaring, or laughing in its name is going to be a loud high-pitched noise that you won't like. And if you ask me, the Roaring Tiger firework should be called the Whining Tiger.

4. Took photos of a pretty dogwood tree.
5. Went to Home Depot and looked at more paint chips. Because for an indecisive interior design lover like me, you can NEVER (I repeat, NEVER) get enough of paint chips. You remember this post, right?

Hope you had a fabulous three day weekend!

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