July 12, 2011

what college has taught me...

I failed to mention in my dorm experience post that I used writing to help me cope. I also never got the chance to post this list of things college has taught me so far (I still try to add to it if I have time/think of something brilliant to add).

So here's what college has taught me so far:
...that education is NOT cheap
...that the phrase, “the more the merrier” fits scholarships perfectly
...that showers with flip-flops are not so cool
...that Facebook is my main form of communication
...that Jesus is always there for me
...that writing is my release
...that my laptop is one of my best friends
...that dorm microwaves are NEVER clean
...that my family is my strength
...that Skype keeps me in touch with my besties
...that teaching is WAY more than just a job (I knew this before, but have more proof to back this statement up)
...that professors with accents are kinda hilarious on Monday mornings
...that three hour classes can sometimes fly by
...that child development is pretty cool
...that a professor's office hours are often quite helpful
...that math is fun—yes, it took this long for me to realize
...that equality and equity is not the same
...that cumulative finals are not so fun
...that I am a morning person
...that some people never ever change
...that high school was harder (at least for me so far...)
...that people from high school pretend not to know you
...that finals can occur at any time of the day
...that dead week really isn’t so dead
...that it’s okay to express myself
...that I’m me. And I’m the only one that can change who I am.

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