July 6, 2011

what i've been watching wednesday.

I told you last week it was movie week, right? And yes, yes it is. So grab your popcorn! Although I prefer Trader Joe's kettle corn over movie theater popcorn...

I had actually seen clips of this movie in one of my classes last term and never got the chance to see it in its entirety. And I'm glad I saw the whole thing. It definitely sheds light on the problems in America's education system. Before watching this, I knew little to nothing about charter schools. And it was interesting for me to learn about some of the most successful ones in the country (KIPP Academy, the SEED School, and Harlem Success).

What got to me most? The fact that families have to enter lotteries just to try to get their kids into a quality education. And the fact that kids are literally devastated (it broke my heart to see tears rolling down eyes of kids) when they find out they cannot go to the school of their dreams because there are too many families who want to attend. And the fact that tenure is getting in the way of quality teachers. And the fact that America's schools are not performing well. Okay, I'll stop at three things. But anyway, I think it's a very important movie for everyone to watch. Even if you aren't interested in the education. Or if you don't have kids or even want to have kids. I still think it's important. Especially because education affects everyone.

So this is definitely a different movie genre. But I had always wanted to see it. And in all honesty, it wasn't exactly as good as I was expecting. It didn't make me fall asleep, but it was kind of back-and-forth for me and it didn't have the kind of plot that I was hoping for. And I guess I felt like there wasn't much closure at the end. But maybe that's because I don't know anything about the actual story. I don't know.

On a lighter note, it was kind of funny to see Brenda Song (you may know her from Disney's Suite Life series) in a movie...

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