July 20, 2011

what i've been watching wednesday: glee project + bones (again).

Sad to say that I haven't been watching anything new lately. Maybe that's a sign that I'm getting more done. Either that or I've been napping more. Nonetheless, I still wanted to write a post about some of the shows that I've already talked about. I like to call it my SHOUT OUT edition.

So I originally posted about this show here. But I just wanted to make a quick shout out to two of the contestants. First, I was a little sad to see Matheus go. While he had his diva moments, he seemed (to me at least) like a good contender. And he proved himself by winning two(?) solo challenges. So it was kinda sad to see him go.

Secondly, I want to give a shout out to Cameron. As of right now, he's my favorite. I definitely admire anyone who can speak out in confidence (especially on camera and in front of big name Glee people) about their faith and morals. So I'm glad he's still in the running to win. And now that I think about it, he kind of reminds me of Reid (aka Matthew Gray Gubler) from Criminal Minds. Does anyone else see this? I mean, they've both got the short messy-ish hair, skinny stature, awkward/dorkiness (I would know, because I was/am both dorky and a klutz; thus awkward at times), and similar clothing style going. Although it's kinda hard to tell with the two photos I found.

So when I mentioned this show earlier, I was only in the very beginning of the first season. Now that I'm 2/3 done with the third season, I'm pretty much in love with this show. In fact, it made my day when I found out that this show is still running (for some reason, I thought the sixth season was its last. My bad). Unfortunately, I've been watching this free (via the public library) and it'll be months before I get my hands on the fourth season. Literally sad day. Especially because in my imaginary/ideal world, I'd get caught up in time for the seventh season to start this fall. But here's what I've liked so far. I like all the character development, king of the lab, and general humor. I also like that Hodgins and Angela are together. Even though she's taller and he's a little buggy, I love the two of them as a couple. I also think Hodgins' hair cut makes him look sooo much better. Must be Angela's doing. Speaking of couples, did anyone else think it was weird to see Booth and Bones kiss in the "Santa in the Slush" Christmas episode of season three? I definitely think it's a foreshadow of things to come. I also think it was super cute to see Bones interact with the baby in the "Baby in the Bough" episode (also season three). I especially loved the dancing phalanges. That was hilarious. If you haven't seen it, check it out both the kiss (I like the behind the scenes version best) and the dancing phalanges below:

Dancing Phalanges:

The Christmas Kiss (behind the scenes version):

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