August 10, 2011


If you've seen my bucket list, then you know I want to adopt. I haven't really shared much about why though.

Maybe that's because I'm not exactly sure when my desire to adopt first started. All I know is that in my third grade timeline, I wrote that I will adopt three girls. And I can remember that one of them was to be named Heather (although it's not one of my favorites anymore).

Anyway, fast forward to sophomore year of high school. I still dreamed of adoption. In one of my classes, I was also assigned an at the time, HUGE research project. In reflection, it really wasn't that big. It just seemed like it. The topics were to be global, fairly current, and not an over-used controversial topic. So I chose China's One Child Policy. While doing research, I came across all the babies that are abandoned by their parents because of this policy. Babies that are neglected in orphanages. It was just heart-breaking for me. And it only made me want to adopt more.

Now that I'm in college, I still haven't forgotten my dream. And being in an teeny tiny piece of the blog world has inspired me to never put it on the back burner. Sure, adoption is expensive and can be a terribly long journey. But I know that it will all be worth the wait in the end.

As for where I would like to adopt from, I'm pretty open. I like the idea of both international and domestic adoption. Ideally, I'd like to adopt both ways. But we'll see.

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