August 11, 2011

crazy? yeah, that's me.

Yeah, so I'm a bit of a planner-freak. As in, I have ideas for baby names already. Did I mention I'm nowhere near this life stage yet?

I'm thinking this whole baby name thing came about in middle school when I was playing Sims. My parents have these baby name books (back when they were choosing names for us) that my sisters and I used to find names for our Sim people. And flipping through the pages got me thinking planning. And while the names have changed over the years (I've started a journal for keeping track of my favorite things that I add to each year), there are some names that make it on the list each year.

Like Emily. I don't know why I like Emily so much. But I do. And my sister and I used to still fight over who would name their daughter Emily first (aka who would have girls and who would have boys). And even though it's a popular name, I'm thinking that by the time I'm married and ready for kids, the name will have (hopefully!) moved down the list.

Or Callen. For some reason, I like this name for a little boy. No, it's not because of the character on NCIS: LA. It just has a cute ring to it. And because I can totally picture a little soccer player, boy scout, or chess player named Callen. And because I like boy's names that start with C. Like Caleb. Or Connor. Or Cohen. Or Cole.

I also love the name Hannah. With the traditional spelling because I've always been fascinated with palindromes.

And maybe Owen. I think it's because I've met little kids with this name. And they were so funny and cute. And I'd like a cute kid of my own someday.

Then there are names like Lilly (yes, with two l's), Jordan, Logan, Maya, and Nora that are cute. But they haven't quite made it onto my 2011 list. We'll see.

And at least I'm not planning on using the names Buddy Bear or Fifi Trixiebell...

Psst...yesterday I blogged about why I want to adopt here. Feel free to check it out!


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    1. I love that you recognize that game. That game basically describes my entire teenage-hood (I played all the time and still do every now and then!).


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