August 11, 2011

fun with floss: part one.

I've been having a bit too much fun with embroidery floss these past few days. I remember when embroidery floss was popular back when I was in middle school. And I never thought I'd see myself wearing friendship bracelets ever again. But what do you know? History fashion does repeat itself.

Or maybe just for a cheap-o like me.

I was inspired to do the whole friendship bracelet thing when I saw this pretty wrapped bracelet DIY tutorial on In Honor of Design.

The tutorial for the wrap bracelet is actually from the blog Honestly WTF. And because I enjoy a good DIY project, I looked at the other DIY projects this blog has to offer. And I came across the friendship bracelet tutorial. And well, who wouldn't want to have a wrist full of colorful bracelets?

So...I went through the family embroidery floss collection. And with my neat-freakish tendencies (and odd love for organization), I went through and tossed the three inch scraps that were unraveling, un-pretty, and tangled. See for yourself.

And then, I was left with this MUCH prettier collection of embroidery floss.

So I chose the navy blue, light blue, and green colors and because we both know I love chevron stripes, Except, I think I ended up using Purlbee's tutorial. You can find it here.

And as soon as I got the first few chevrons done, it was easy-peasy. Putting on 24 made it go by faster too.

If you're wondering how I ended the bracelet, my Eagle Scout dad helped with with the loop knot for the beginning of the bracelet so I divided my thread in two sections. Then I made two separate braids, knotted the ends and used a simple knot (I have no idea what type) to tie it off.

Stay tuned because tomorrow I'll show you what I made with the embroidery floss scraps (see I'm not wasteful!).

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