August 12, 2011

fun with floss: part two.

So yesterday, I told you about my most recent friendship bracelet obsession.

What I didn't tell you is that my unsure self cut a little too much floss for the first bracelet. When they tell you that you only need two feet for each strand of thread, they're right.

So I knew that I had to do something with the extra thread but I didn't want to make another bracelet with the same exact colors. And then I glanced at my empty IKEA frame right behind me and came up with a great way to use scraps. Plus a great way to fill an empty frame. For free.

So here's what you need:
1 pair of scissors
Embroidery thread (in however many colors you like)
Scotch tape
1 piece of paper (I just used plain white printer paper)

Here's what you do:
Because my frame is made for a 5x7" image, I just folded the paper in half (hamburger way), then cut off some extra paper off the sides to fit the frame better. I folded the paper because otherwise the back of the frame would show through. If you use thicker paper (i.e. cardstock), there's no need to fold the paper.

Then, I laid out a piece of embroidery floss across the front and taped the end to the back of the paper like so.

And then, I flipped the paper back over so the front is facing up, and cut the other end of the floss and taped that end to the back as well.

Then I just repeated the tape, snip, arrange, and tape process with additional pieces of embroidery floss until I felt like there was enough.

And if you're curious, here's what the back of my paper looked like.

And yes, it is yet another free print that even I can create. Which means, you can definitely do it, too!

Happy Weekend! Stay cool and tackle some DIY projects for me, will you?

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