August 1, 2011

pick a number...

 ...any number. Or age. That probably fits better.

You see, after people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, they usually want to know what I age I'd like to teach. And oddly enough, I still have no idea.

Basically, I have the most experience with preschoolers. I've been volunteering at my church since I was in sixth grade. I also took child development courses in high school (which had a preschool for students to practice teaching). Similarly, I've done a little babysitting here and there. So I guess I feel the most comfortable teaching preschool. I love that age. They learn so much in such a small period of time and most thoroughly enjoy life and learning.

But...there are some things that you just can't teach or do with preschoolers. Take writing, for example. I've always wanted to do creative writing projects. Similarly, I'd love to read chapter books like Ramona and Charlotte's Web to a classroom of kids. Plus, teacher/writers like Esme Raji Codell and Phillip Done write about some pretty funny things that have happened in their classrooms.

And if I did teach in an elementary school, I'd like to teach anywhere from kindergarten through third grade. I'm not quite ready to teach fourth and fifth graders for some reason. Maybe it's the pre-teenage stuff that I'm quite ready to tackle. That and the fact that I have basically no experience wit that age group.

If you or someone you know is a teacher, I'd love to know how you/they determined what age to teach!

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