August 1, 2011

weekend recap.

Now that the sun is out (aka it's above 70 degrees in the NW), it finally feels like summertime. And it's not summer without a little barbecue. You can call it grilling, but ever since that one Cosby Show episode where Cliff (Bill Cosby) exclaims "BAR-BE-CUE!" Barbecue is where it's at. Unfortunately, I haven't found a clip of it on Youtube to share. Yet. But I have been watching a ton of clips from the show on Youtube and simultaneously laughing my head off. I love that show.

Anyway, back to barbecue. Normally, I just prep veggies but since my dad's wanted more to help from the fam, and I've been longing for barbecue, I gave in. Which is a lot coming from a girl who doesn't like fires. Okay, so I mostly watched my dad. But that's because I'm leaving room for growth.

I also got to make Fruit Loop necklaces with kids. Okay, so I mostly sat, talked, and helped them tie the yarn together. But I really should have made one for myself...

Hope your weekend was lovely! BTW, are you a BBQ, barbecue, or barbeque kind of person? Who would've known one thing could have so many possible spellings?

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