September 23, 2011

fall inspired.

Happy first day of Fall! It's crazy to think that fall is already here, isn't it? And I guess that's why all the craft stores are creating their Christmas displays already.

But with fall arriving, I figured a new fireplace mantel decoration was in high order. So out with the spring (I know, we're late bloomers over here) pink flowers and butterfly garland, and in with a fall look (my mom scored the sunflowers from Joann's for more than 50% off!). At least we're on time this time, right?

So here's what I created. A simple fall inspired leaf garland using leftover scrapbook paper, white thread, double stick tape, and this Martha Stewart leaf template. You can download yours here. I only used the maple and oak leaves, but feel free to use whichever you like. I think my sister and I used the same template to make leaves to decorate the Thanksgiving table last year.



Are you decorating for fall? And am I the only one who finds it a little bit early for Christmas displays in stores?


  1. I love this! My sister and I were crafters since before we were born and I remember at one point we were obsessed with playing school. We cut out dozens of leaves like these and laminated them with clear contact paper and hung them on our wall like we had a real bulletin board, lol. This brings back so many memories! You're so creative!!

    1. Aw, thanks Ruth! It's funny that you mention clear contact paper because I was just using it at work earlier today (I work at a preschool). I so remember using clear contact paper for various crafts growing up, too! And school, that was definitely a pretend play game of my childhood.

      And I hardly consider this creative--just cheap and resourceful and into decorating. :)


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