September 20, 2011

photo outtakes.

If you're an avid stalker reader, they you might have noticed that my normal Weekend Recap post was a no show yesterday. Well, I have two reasons. Err, excuses.

One, the end of September = school. As in, my lazy summer weekends are no more.

Two, I actually didn't take pictures (I can hear the gasps now). I did a lot of hanging out at home (which I do 24/7 anyway, but I just didn't turn on my camera to document it for some reason).

BUT, because I think every post deserves photos, I decided to include a few photo outtakes from the past two weeks or so that didn't make it onto the blog:

First up, a little photo shoot with my old man (aka my dog).


And I had to snatch a photo of the honeybees buzzing about, too.

And lastly, a little baking. You can make your own Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake via Alexandra Cooks here.

Hope your weekend was splendid!

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