September 14, 2011

what i've been watching wednesday: parenthood.

Is it weird that one of the reasons I'm excited for fall is because television comes back to life?

Even if you think I'm downright crazy, I'm going to try and convince you otherwise by sharing some of my favorite TV shows that are making their reappearances this month.

So here's what I'm looking forward to watching!

I absolutely love this show. For so many reasons. First off, I love how real the characters are. Okay, let me back-track a little bit. For those of you who are unfamiliar, let me give a little insight into the show. Basically, Parenthood follows the Braverman family (the grandparents, their grown children, and the children's kids). They all have their fair share of problems, but their problems that real people have. And as someone who has taken numerous family-centered classes in college, it's quite interesting to watch. One of my favorite characters is Max, a Braverman grandchild with Asperger's. And I really have to give it to the actor (Max Burkholder) who's a pretty darn good actor. At least in my opinion.

Anyway, the show officially aired its season 3 debut, but that doesn't mean you don't have time to watch it online!

Stay tuned, because a few more of my favorite shows are coming back next week. So you rest assured that another one of these posts will appear next Wednesday. Right here. Around the same time.

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