September 21, 2011

what i've been watching wednesday: too many to count (for reals).

Yep, I'm back for another post of TV shows making their comeback for fall.

And today, I have like a BAZILLION shows to write about. So sorry, if it's your favorite show and I've narrowed it down to a one sentence blurb.

As a sidenote, it was cool to re-read an earlier post about  some of these same shows (you can read it for yourself here).

My mom and I are kind of pumped that shows with action are returning. We tried watching a Hallmark movie the other night, and kept expecting action. I guess we were on the wrong channel. It's not like we aren't romantic movie people, we've just missed Jack Bauer action in this house.

Anyway, season two started on Monday (9/19) but that doesn't mean you don't have time to catch up on it now! I don't know about you, but I'm kind of excited for McGarrett and Danno to have arguments in the car again.

2. NCIS.
Who doesn't like Gibbs, Abby, and the rest of the team? It may have started yesterday (9/21), but it should be online for you to watch now!

Yet another show that premiered yesterday, but is still available for you to catch up on online!


I'm excited for a second season of this show (which premiered yesterday as well). And for a relatively new show, this one is definitely a keeper in my book.

Umm, can I just ask, who doesn't love Reid? I mean, seriously, he's full of statistics, wears nerdy clothes, and I like his new haircut. Plus, it starts up again tonight (9/21)!

I'm not so sure about this whole new boss concept, but it's still worth watching on Thursday (9/22). For Jim and Dwight's sake, that is.

And here's what you can watch on Friday (9/23). Because we all want to know what exactly happened to Peter and what will become of Peter + Olivia. Plus, who doesn't like Walter (not Walternate, of course).

And you can thank me later for giving you new shows to watch this year. That, or call me lame for spending my evenings watching TV, pinning, and writing blog posts for later.

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