September 8, 2011

write about it.

I came across this cute journaling (I know, it's not a real word, but that's okay) idea on Pinterest and knew it instantly deserved a post of its own.

As a little background, I love writing. And for some reason, I write the best at night. I also love repurpose and other DIY projects. And because I hate to use up pretty journals that I've been gifted (don't ask me why). So when I came across this simple (and quite genius) project, I knew it would appear on my must-make list.

And sure, it's only September. As in, I have a few more months before I'll actually start this project. But that's okay. Because I have about 353 more cards to write the dates on. And that doesn't even include the card for February 29th...

Anyway, here's the tutorial via Wit & Whistle on how to make your own recipe box diary. Plus a little more info on the project if you're a little confused.

And here are some photos of my project in process:




Now to tackle all those other note cards and remembering to start this project in 2012.

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