October 27, 2011

lessons on literacy.

Is it weird that we had a substitute in one of my classes this morning? Probably, considering I'm in college. But not really since it was a teacher-y kind of class.

Even though I'm in a science class for teacher-wanna-be's, it was cool to hear about literacy and how  teachers can incorporate and integrate it into all subjects.

Two points I want to keep with me (hence the writing about on the blog)?

1. Always, and I mean always, introduce the reading that you will assign. Why? Because you want to get their minds thinking about the reading before they do it. That way, they don't sit there that night reading the words and not the stories. Also, it gets the kids to connect with, make predictions about, and ask any clarifying questions in the classroom.

2. Pre-read each and every reading before your students do. Then, make a little vocabulary sheet with words that your students may not know/remember. And don't be afraid of including silly little example sentences using the words so your kids understand the definition of the word, too. That way kids don't get embarrassed or frustrated when they encounter a word they're unfamiliar with.

Aren't these great tips? I know that I would've loved it if my teachers provided a little vocabulary sheet each time we read something. Any great tips you'd like to share?

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