November 3, 2011

for the love of science.

So many things to share today. Mostly about two hours of my day, but they were good ones nonetheless.

Being in a science class geared for perspective teachers definitely has its perks. For one, I've discovered my love for science. It only took 10+ years for me to discover it. But better late than never, right?

Anyway, the second greatest perk is getting the opportunity to teach what we've (my classmates and I) have learned to a classroom at a local elementary school. Which was literally the HIGHLIGHT of my day.

I seriously learned so much from the hour I was there. And I have gained so much more respect for teachers. It's not like I haven't respected all the hard work they put in (both time, energy, and money), it's just something that one cannot really understand until they are put in their shoes. And I wasn't even put in the teacher's shoes.

After today I also feel way more comfortable teaching/working with older elementary-aged kids. Before, I was set on teaching young kids. As in preschool or kindergarteners. But now, I'm open and would even like to teach preschool through fourth grade. I'm not too keen on teaching much older than that mostly because of the tween hormones and family life units involved in the curriculum. I'm still not comfortable with that idea. I would probably be the most awkward person ever. Ever.

I also learned that teaching is something I really want to do. It's no longer that job that I feel is safe for me. I feel like it's meant to be.

That is all (mostly because I have homework I should be doing).

Happy (almost) Friday!

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