November 11, 2011

week in review.

So I decided that Friday is my new week in review post day. As in, I'll post a photo, saying, and other pretty/inspirational finds or blog posts from the week.

Here goes!

1. I came across Grey likes Weddings last week and love, love, LOVE the site. But when I came across this wedding, well, I knew you had to check it out. Personally, there are few too many eyes-a-staring in this photo shoot. But maybe that's just me?

2. I wish she lived near me. I love her use of color and willingness to make everyone's day a little brighter.

3. I wish I could get a camera strap like this.

4. I decided that I would like to go to a Forever 21 someday. I know, I know. You probably think I'm crazy because I've never stepped a foot into one of their stores. Well, I am. But I'm kinda in love with the prices. And this fleece jacket.

5. Have you heard of Steve Powers? The photo (above) is a part of his Love Letter for You collection. You can read an interview with him here.

Have a great weekend! I'm super excited to finally have a weekend of no-midterm-studying. Yeah, at least one midterm each week for a month is no fun. What will I be doing with so much time on my hands? I'll probably spend it watching Season 4 of Bones.

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