November 18, 2011

week in review.

If you missed last week's (first ever) week in review, you can get caught up right here.

1.I'm really loving Old Navy's new(-ish?) long sleeve shirts. This one is my fave.I'm literally wearing this as I type. It's just that awesome.

2. I love these DIY-able pumpkin place card holders. Perhaps they'll make an appearance on the Thanksgiving table this year...

3.Have you heard of glassine bags before? I personally love 'em.

4.The best $4.99 you'll spend at IKEA?

5. A real life UP home? I wanna go! (Psst...thanks for sharing it, Lyndsay!)

What are you up to this weekend? I'll let you have one guess as to what I'll probably be doing this weekend. Here are a few hints. It starts with the letter H, it's a free present teachers give their students, and I'm easily distracted from finishing it when on Pinterest.

Yeah, I think the last one gave it away.

Happy Weekend!

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