November 9, 2011

what i've been watching wednesday.

Is it weird that I get a little excited when writing blog posts?

Yeah, don't answer that. I already know I'm a nerd.

Anyway, I've got another TV show to introduce to you. Plus, a movie I watched a few weeks ago as well (better late than never, right?).

                                                                                                          Source: via Octoberbeauty on Pinterest

So even though I really don't (or shouldn't) have time to watch more TV, there are some days when classes are cancelled or when I don't have homework and feel lazy (aka don't want to get ahead of papers due at the end of this term). Anyway, more about the show. Basically, the show is about a Carrie, who remembers everything (called Hyperthemesia). Which is pretty interesting and admirable for a girl who can't even remember what she had for dinner last night. Anyway, it's another cop show that's worth a shot if you have the time!

                                                                                                              Source: via Elaine on Pinterest

Even though I watched this movie awhile back, it's also worth writing about. Why? Because it was a pretty decent movie. It was a little bit of a love story mixed with some of the Bourne series' chases (it stars Matt Damon, after all).

What have you been watching lately?

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