December 5, 2011

couldn't have said it better.

If you haven't seen Arielle's blog, a beautiful journey, then you're missing out. Her photog skills are killer (yes, I did just type that up), and her words are so powerful and true.

Like her latest one on singleness. Or singlehood. Whichever rolls off your tongue best.

As a single girl, I definitely struggle with this stage in my life. There are times when I long (and I mean LONG) for a boyfriend in my life. There are times when I'd like to know that some human out there finds me pretty (besides my family). There are times when I'd like to walk around campus holding hands.And then there are the times when I obsess over this so much that I start to worry that I'll never marry.

But then, then, there are the times when I know that this stage isn't for me just yet. When I think about my schedule, well, sheesh. How do you married folks do it? I barely have time in my day for alone time for. How do you do it? I'm one of those girls who needs her alone time. So I'm not quite sure how you balance time. Especially if you're a teacher.

But anyway, I highly recommend you read Arielle's post if you're a single lady. Or if you're taken, read it as well because it's soooo true and encouraging.

Happy Tuesday!

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