December 9, 2011

week in review.

Hello, hello! It's super cold here so I'm thinking that this weekend will be spent inside.

1. How awkward. Yet so funny and a little sweet. I've got two sisters and have always wondered what being a triplet is like.

2. One of my very favorite blogs got a makeover. Can you believe the blog header was hand-painted? It is so pretty.

3. I wish I could celebrate my birthdays at her house.

4. I'm liking the idea of a colorful Christmas.

5. The cutest little printer in the world. So adorable.

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.
video from here. find out more about the printer here.

Happy Friday! I'm sooo glad that finals are finally over. You know what that means? Either better blog posts or crazier posts. Or maybe crazy is better?

P.S. Don't forget Ten on Ten is tomorrow! Have a good one!

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