January 24, 2012

for the mindless (aka me).

Have you seen this commercial yet? I heard on the news that it'll be one of those big Superbowl commercials this year or something. But since I'm not so big on sports, I figured now will probably be the only time I'll see it.

Anyway, just to show how clueless I can be (which is weird that I'm saying this because I've been learning about being more mindful in one of my classes), I definitely spent half of the commercial trying to figure out what the little dog on the front right was wearing. If I was paying attention, I would have noticed that the dogs were barking to the Star Wars theme.

Yeah. Not so mindful after all.

And just to be clear, I have seen and enjoyed the Star Wars movies. I even thought the ewoks were kind of (weirdly) cute. I'm just obviously not their best fan.

And in my defense, my dog barks a lot. So I apparently just tuned out all the barking while trying to concentrate. Just saying.

And am I the only one who thinks the whippet is adorable?

Okay, I'll stop writing nonsense. See you tomorrow!

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