January 3, 2012

a new family tradition.

I'm a genius. And you can thank me later.

Just kidding. I'm sure millions of families make these each year. Really, I'm sure they do.

But for our family, this is a new one.

I simply combined the fact that I like to make lists with the dilemma that my family (extended family included) never has any good ideas as to what to get one another for birthdays/Christmas.

Soooo...here's our new tradition:

Get a notebook (electronic or of the paper variety). Get a pen. Get a family (or gather your family around) and come up with some categories of favorites. Here's what we chose:


Then, go around in a circle, and have someone record the answers. Not only does this bring up hilarious conversations ("Can growing a mustache be a favorite activity?" "I'm not having kids because messy handwriting is genetic!" or "Dog-walking does not count as a hobby!") but I guarantee that you'll be surprised by some of the answers. Guaranteed.

And if you're not satisfied, well, I have no money to give you. Sorry. No refunds.

Anyway, if you're the kind of person that changes your mind (like me), just go over the list right before Christmas. We're planning to review our list on Thanksgiving to see how much has changed. And then, we'll make the list again in 2013!

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