January 26, 2012

super consistent or not very creative?

Apparently, the only crafts I make involve garlands (see here and here for past garlands I've made). That either makes me super consistent or not very creative.

Or both.

Anyway, I found these felt ornaments from Target in their Christmas clearance section. Regularly, one dollar. On sale? 30 cents. That's thirty cents for a three-pack of these pretty guys. Yep. A whopping ten cents each.


So being the uncreative, super consistent gal that I am, I decided to make a heart garland using some white thread, scissors, painter's tape, and the hearts that I bought for ninety cents.

My name is Kiki and I am a cheapaholic.

Anyway, here's how I threaded the hearts if you're curious.

view from the back of each heart

from the front

And here's what it looks like. I love these three colors together. They remind me of John and Sherry's house, actually.



And sorry my lighting's terrible. Cloudy afternoon makes for some inconsistent natural light.

I'm thinking Target's sold out already, but I also scored some of the white felt Christmas tree ornaments to save for the Sunday school class (of 3-4 year olds) to craft with in December. Yeah, I plan WAY ahead, people. Way ahead.

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