January 8, 2012

what i've been watching wednesday: touch.

I meant to post about this awhile ago, but I guess better later than never?

Anyway, has anyone else seen this show? I just finished watching all of Kiefer Sutherland's 24 (more on that here), and so there was no question that I wasn't going to try watching his latest show, Touch. After watching the pilot (the show doesn't officially start until March), I felt pretty surprised. I was a little unsure of all the story lines but was surprised to find that it wasn't as confusing as I thought. It definitely doesn't have the same virus-containing, car-chasing, fearless Jack Bauer, but that's okay. I'll still be tuning in next month when the series officially starts.

If you want to watch the pilot yourself, click here.

So what have you been watching lately? Happy Wednesday!

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