February 23, 2012

balancing act.

Just a head's up, this is a post of pure randomness.

I thought I should give you all a head's up.

As you probably guessed, this post is all about balancing.

You see, the overthinking part of me is constantly thinking of the what if's and the maybe's  in life.


Like "maybe I should write more about myself on my blog..." or "what if people find out where I live, who I am, and all that privacy-related stuff?" or "maybe I shouldn't blog so much about myself because I don't want this to get in the way of my getting a job in the future..."

Maybe I should just stop worrying and simply


But before I do that, can I just say that I'm seriously having a hard time with this balancing act? I realize this is all just ridiculous. I mean, I know overthink things too much. I mean, what is too much? How much does blogging hinder job-seeking? I worry that since I'm not already employed my occasional vents and complaints could make me undesirable. Is that overthinking things too much?

Am I just plain crazy?

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