February 10, 2012

instafriday: week 4.


Highlights and Lowlights from the week:
1. Having my TV shows back and running again. Hooray for new Parenthood, Hawaii Five-0, and NCIS episodes this week.

2. Tons of homework + studying for midterms (and midterms themselves) + planning for the future (aka plans for this upcoming spring, summer, and fall) = terrible feelings of stress and being overwhelmed. Not a great feeling.

3. Seeing all these ideas on Pinterest for Valentine's Day. I may not have a boyfriend and I know I'm not going to do anything to celebrate the holiday, but it's (for some odd reason) making me really excited. Which is a little odd.

4. Having my laptop die on me. Good news, I (obviously) still have internet access. Bad news, paying for a new computer and trying to get my data restored (aka all my photos). Yeah. Not so great. Lesson? Save often. Especially on an external hard drive of some sort.

5. Having super soft hair after putting a putting a little bit of lotion on it. Yes, I'm weird. But soft hair is soooo worth it. If you're wondering what kind of lotion I use, it's just Curel Ultra Healing. I love the hint of citrus fragrance. Lovely.

Picnik collagePicnik collage

Happy Weekend! I'll be back later tonight with this month's Ten on Ten!

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