February 24, 2012

instafriday: week 6.

Picnik collage

It's Friday! And you know what that means...

Highlights and Lowlights time!

1. Guys opening the doors for you. It happened three times to me on Monday alone. And this isn't just the "Let me go in first and hold the door a little for you as you follow behind me" kind of door-holding. This is the "I'm actually going to wait outside holding the door for you so you can go in before me" kind of door-holding. Am I too old fashioned for saying that I really appreciate it? And coming from a single college girl, it makes a guy much more attractive, too. Just saying.

2. A pretty slow (and relatively stress-free week). Pretty lovely and a nice change of pace.

3. Sore throats. Yuck. Got any remedies?

4. Parenthood. Have you seen the latest episode? I haven't quite yet but the previews last week makes it look pretty good.

5. Rain showers with peeks of sunshine in between. You've got to love NW weather.

Enjoy your weekend! Can you believe that by this time next week, it'll be March? Seriously, time has flown by. I guess that's why February is the shortest month of the year...
Picnik collage
Picnik collage


  1. love all your photos - I've been instagramming while on vacation, but totally have fallen off of the feb photo project! need to get back into it asap :)

  2. Lyndsay: Thanks! I've been enjoying your Disneyland photos on the instagram feed as well!


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